How to defend your home against brush fires and wildfires

It’s not only Californians and Arizonites that need to watch out for wildfires and brush fires. Anyone living on or near brush or forest area here in Florida also needs to safeguard their home. Regular maintenance and some basic fire prevention techniques can help protect your most valuable investment. On March 8th, the Florida Forest...

Formosan and Asian “super termites” eating trees alive in Florida

The  Formosan and Asian subterranean termites have taken up residence in many of South Florida’s older living trees. Although they haven’t yet made their way en mass into trees in Pascoe County, Hillsborough County, or North Tampa area, these insatiable creatures are rapidly expanding their range in Florida.  Many arborists are expressing concern for wind-resistant...

The urban tree clearing trend

Recently, Bloomberg News reported a trend indicating that,  in many residential areas, mature trees are in constant peril of being cut down. Without protective measures in place, developers and home builders remove full-grown trees without a backward glance. Often, every tree on a property is cut down prior to the construction of a new structure....

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