Tree Masters Tree Service new “Nifty Lift 50” boosts efficiency and safety

Tree Masters Tree Service has recently purchased a NIfty Lift. With a max height of 50-feet, this piece of heavy equipment helps us help your trees in a safer and more efficient manner.

Our new Nifty Lift can easily maneuver from one tree to the next with no need for moving cumbersome and potentially unsafe ladders. Its maneuverability is due to its aerial work platform on an “articulating boom.” 

Unlike a full-size utility truck, the Nifty Lift minimizes ground disturbance and is far less likely to inflict damage to the landscape.

The Nifty Lifty is designed with hydraulic outriggers and can be easily maneuvered without the worker ever having to leave the basket. 

The Nifty Lifty can reach a height of 56 feet and offers a working radius of 26 feet, six inches. Its platform extends to 49 feet six inches. It can reach a ground speed of 5.2 mph.

The basket platform contains a control station and the machine’s four-wheel drive ensures a compact turning radius, reducing the length of time needed for trimming multiple trees. 

Tree Masters looks forward to meeting your tree services needs in an efficient and safe manner.

Nifty Lift Plan

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