Prevent tree roots from damaging your foundation and hard top

As much as we appreciate the gorgeous trees adorning our property, their powerful root systems may cause damage to foundations, surrounding sidewalks, and driveways. Also, roots can easily push their way through small pavement cracks and enlarge them significantly. It can do the same to drain pipes. However, if your home’s foundation is solid and well...

Florida’s flood-resistant trees

Florida’s verdant landscape is a given, due to the bountiful rainfalls and year-round humidity prevalent in the Sunshine State. From the numerous wetlands and swamps to the charming residential areas, the fauna is lush and the shades of green, seemingly endless.  However, perpetual greenery requires plenty of moisture and this lushness comes with a hefty...

Can planting trees save the planet?

Forests have been called the “lungs of the planet” — and for good reason. Trees efficiently absorb CO2 and remove it from the air, simultaneously storing it while releasing life-sustaining oxygen. In fact, one tree provides enough oxygen for four humans. But we have a problem. Forests are being cut down at unprecedented rates while...

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