TampaTreeMap tracks trees with benefits

In this era of dramatic climate change and environmental toxicity, trees and their ability to clean the air and filter pollutants, are more important than ever. 

TampaTreeMap is a database designed to inform the public of the many benefits of community trees and local forests and how to sustain their integrity. The site is a repository for up-to-date information and statistics related to trees in the Tampa area. 

This database will help businesses, government, non-profits, volunteers, and the general public involved in tree sustainability to share information and ultimately protect our local tree population.

TampaTreeMap provides mapping and up-to-date statistics on trees in the City of Tampa, and the campus of University of South Florida.

The database will highlight information such as:

  • Air-borne  pollutants captured, 
  • Gallons of stormwater filtered  
  • Kilowatt-hours of energy conserved
  • Tons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere

Here is some recent data collected by the TampaTreeMap:

  • Trees inventoried: 25,403
  • Number of species: 162
  • Money saved in eco-benefits: $2,503,760.00

The TampaTreeMap was initiated by the coalition of UF-IFAS/Hillsborough Extension Service and the University of South Florida, City of Tampa. The Florida Forest Services, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (contract no. 19622), the City of Tampa, and the University of South Florida were the benefactors of this worthwhile, much-needed project.

The main objective of the TampaTreeMap is to provide a one-stop space for organizations and individuals to share relevant information on urban forests that will enlighten, celebrate, or enable the participation of citizens.

The data gathered would ultimately assist city planners, neighborhood groups, and urban foresters in improving tree management and optimum planning for future tree planting.

The combined efforts of groups and individuals involved in the TampaTreeMap will effectively paint a comprehensive picture, helping local citizens better understand the vast importance of trees in the urban ecosystem.

Navigating the TampaTreeMap

You can explore the TampaTreeMap anytime, searching for trees or empty planting spaces–no account needed. To get started adding and editing trees, you’ll need to create an account.

Tampa Tree MAp

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