What are the health benefits of trees?

Did you know that the simple act of sitting under a tree on a pleasant day can major stress-busting effects? It’s true! Being with trees is actually essential for good health. And Tree Masters is here to keep your trees in good health as well.

Numerous studies through the years have shown time and time again that trees make us happier. Their shade alone brings us relief on sweltering days and they turn our CO2 emissions into life-sustaining oxygen. Evidence shows that a network of interconnecting root systems mimics our own neural pathways and our social lives! It is no wonder that these towering beauties enhance our well being and overall happiness.

Tree roots connect with each other and to neighboring fungi in an intricate network. Tender young saplings send chemical signals to local fungi, and the fungi respond in kind. Tree roots and fungi naturally begin gravitating toward each other until they connect. Thus begins a lifetime of beautiful symbiosis between the two species. 

Trees photosynthesize sunlight and send carbon and nitrogen to the fungi. In return, the fungi send water and nutrients back to the tree. A constant shuffling of carbon and nitrogen takes place between the tree and the fungi. 

Whenever we sit under a tree or walk through a forest, we become part of this invisible, powerful energetic exchange. One cannot help but feel uplifted when in the company of trees and plant life. We become one with the ongoing, life-affirming conversation beneath our feet.

One UK study, monitored 10,000 individuals for 17 years as they moved around the country to various locations. The study showed, across the board, that in every individual’s case, the level of their happiness increased in direct correlation to the abundance of greenery in the area.

In another study by Marc Bermon (Environmental Neuroscience Lab), volunteers were tasked with going on either a 50-minute nature walk or a 50-minute city walk.

Both groups were given memory tests immediately following their walks. The nature walkers scored 20 percent higher than the city walkers. The nature hikers also claimed to be in a significantly better mood than their city walking counterparts. 

Researcher Roger Ulrich made a discovery by observing patients recovering from gall bladder surgery. He noticed, over an extended period of time, that patients whose room overlooked a stand of trees were being discharged almost a day sooner than those patients who had to look at a wall.

Ulrich also noted that patients who had a view of greenery required significantly less pain medication than those without a verdant vista. This discovery strongly indicates that just looking at trees is extremely healing.

The Japanese have long known the spiritual and scientific implications of being close to trees and nature. The centuries-old practice of Shinrin-yoku takes advantage of these effects. “Shinrin” means forest, and “yoku” means bathing. When we enter the woods, we connect via our senses and are “bathed” in the oxygen-rich forest atmosphere. 

Shinrin-yoku does not involve any kind of vigorous exercises such as jogging or hiking. It simply means indulging our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The practice bridges the expanse between ourselves and the natural world of trees.

Enjoy the many enlivening and comforting gifts trees have to offer, and bathe in their beauty whenever possible!

You can read more on this topic here: https://time.com/5259602/japanese-forest-bathing/

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Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

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