Diggin’ Florida Dirt: Say ‘Aloha’ to summer-blooming plumeria

Widening the path through our garage a couple weeks ago, I found a tree limb. Where’d that come from? Our garage holds ancient typewriters, displaced toilets (plumber husband), and pots and pans unworthy of the kitchen but too good to toss. I get that. But a 3-foot branch?

I spotted tiny green sprouts on the forked tips and remembered. More than a year ago, I got cuttings at a plumeria pruning party and left my take-homes in the garage because I knew they’d be fine until I was ready to plant them. Plumeria forgive so readily.

Known to many gardeners as frangipani, you can find this smallish, fragrant-blossomed tree in all the colors of a sunrise. Some exude a sweet perfume, others not so much. Famed for their use in Hawaiian leis, they actually hail from Central and South America, according to experts’ best guesses. They don’t like the cold, but other than that, they’re almost bulletproof.

Not in my garden.

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