Signs that it’s time for tree removal services

Trees are a boon to our well being for many reasons. It’s always a painful decision to remove our beloved, life-affirming friend without good cause. 

The older and more rugged the tree, the more affection you will have for it. This is especially true if you’ve had the privilege of watching it grow over the course of decades. 

If a tree is dying, but not in any danger of falling on a structure or a walkway, it’s not always necessary to cut it down. The tree may be a habitat for birds and bats who would not appreciate the sudden eviction.

Signs that it’s time for tree removal

So, what are some signs that a tree needs to be cut down? 

Here’s a list of several indicators that a tree is in distress. 

  • If a tree splits at the base and starts forming another tree. This can make the tree structurally unsound and could cause major breakage.
  • A severe lean, or even moderate lean can indicate weakening defects. A tree leaning more than five feet in any direction can compromise its integrity. 
  • Any nearby construction where a trench has been employed can irreversibly damage the root system and make create a falling hazard.
  • If the canopy of a tree is not green, it’s a very good indication that the tree is dead or dying.
  • Hollows, splits, cracks peeling bark, and holes in the trunk can indicate that termites or ants are eating the tree from the inside out.  
  • Blobs of sap on the trunk can also indicate an infestation of parasites.
  • An abundance of mushrooms growing on and around the base of the tree means the roots are rotting.
  • You may notice roots lifting out of the soil. This is known as stem girdling and acts like a tourniquet to the root system.

Once you’ve assessed the level of damage and health of the tree, it’s wise to call a professional to make the final decision. It’s never a good idea to attempt removal without the help of a reputable tree service with the proper equipment. 

If you think you need tree removal services contact Tree Masters of Tampa Bay. We’ll come out and assess whether to not the tree needs to be removed and give you a quote. 

Call Joe directly at (813) 404-0944.

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