Five Top Palm Trees for Southern Florida Yards

One of the first images people conjure when they think of Florida is a swaying palm tree. Palm trees, synonymous with warm tropical breezes, sultry nights and icy cold drinks with tiny umbrellas, are the romantics of the tree world. Astoundingly, there are 2,500 varieties of this popular, elegant tree world wide. 

Palms enhance any landscape with their towering grace. Part of their charm includes the extremely beautiful shadows they cast. It’s just another bonus these beauties offer. 

Every type of palm has different needs. When considering proximity to buildings, full sun areas or yards that are mostly in shade, it’s wise to pick a tree that suits your properties conditions. 

Here are the top ten palm trees to beautify any South Florida property for years. 

Chinese Fan Palm

The name says it all. The leaves are fan-like and dramatic with a soft droop that appears to be weeping. The thick leaves of the Chinese Fan Palm offer dense shade. Because this palm tree originated in heavy jungle terrain it thrives in areas with little sun and will grow to a height of 25 feet. For those without substantial yards, the Chinese Fan Palm can be grown successfully indoors.


African Oil Palm

The African Oil Palm is a wonderful choice for a full sun area that needs shading. The feathery deep green leaves spring fountain-like from the upper trunk and have been known to reach lengths of 15 feet.  This is what makes them superior shade trees and a wonderful addition to a sunny yard. The African Oil Palm grows very fast and will offer shade more quickly than other varieties.


Coconut Palm

Considered to be the quintessential tropical palm tree, the Coconut Palm is a classic choice for any yard. The Coconut palm can reach heights of 98 feet, with long delicate leaves growing in heavy bunches that offer substantial shade. The Coconut Palm needs regular pruning and the seeds cut back every year. The coconuts can be a hazard if they fall on someone, so it’s prudent to have them removed. 


Robellini Palm

This compact cutie grows between 6-12 feet, a perfect addition to a smaller space in need of some tropical greenery. The span can reach a width of 10 feet, with a bushy crown of vibrantly green fronds. The tiny Robellini makes a bold statement with its spiny branches that add texture to any garden or yard. 


Buccaneer Palm

The Buccaneer Palm is a good choice for poolside enhancement. This hardy palm is highly versatile and thrives in various weather environments. A native of Florida, it grows slowly and steadily without needing much hydration in even the hottest months. The Buccaneer Palm is a favorite due to its drought-resistant qualities. The leaves range in color from silver to green, and bluish-green. Perfect for a smaller area, as they rarely exceed 15 feet in height. Their leaves are flat, dense, and fan-like in appearance and provide much-needed shade in super sunny yards.

Florida has many varieties of elegant palm trees. The Tampa Bay area alone is home to countless species. These are just a few of the choices available for your front and backyard needs. 

Have fun selecting the perfect palm for your outdoor needs!

Photo by Juan Rojas on Unsplash

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