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At Tree Masters of North Tampa, the bulk of our work is tree removal. If you think you need tree removal services, contact Tree Masters of Tampa Bay. We’ll come out and assess whether or not the tree needs to be removed and give you a quote for the job. 

Trees often need to be removed as a result of storm damage, old age, disease, and in preparation for new structures or expansion. Our staff has the equipment, tools, and training to ensure this dangerous task is completed without injury or damages to your property.

Below is some important information about tree removal to help get you started on the process of hiring a professional tree removal service. 

N. Tampa communities covered by Tree Masters

Tree Masters offers tree removal services in the following communities in the North Tampa Bay area:

  • Wesley Chapel
  • Spring Hill
  • Lutz
  • Land O’Lakes
  • North Tampa
  • Pasco County
  • Hillsborough County

When to call for tree removal service

Here’s a list of several indicators that a tree is in distress and may need to be removed. 

  • If a tree splits at the base and starts forming another tree.
  • If a tree has a severe lean of more than five feet in any direction.  Even a moderate lean can indicate weakening defects.  
  • If there is a nearby construction trench and a tree’s root system has been damaged irreversibly. 
  • If the canopy of a tree is not green, it’s a very good indication that the tree is dead or dying.
  • If there are hollows, splits, cracks, peeling bark, or holes in the trunk indicating an infestation. 
  • If there are blobs of sap on the trunk indicating an infestation of parasites.
  • If there is an abundance of mushrooms growing on and around the base of the tree indicating root rot. 
  • If roots are lifting out of the soil indicating stem girdling, which essentially strangles the roots.

To learn more about the signs that a tree might be a danger to people or property check out our article, “Signs that it’s time for tree removal services.”

Large tree removal

The removal of larger trees should be left to professional arborists. If there is a questionable tree on your property, Tree Masters can assess the amount of space needed for the tree to lie horizontally after felling. If we determine the property cannot accommodate the entire tree’s length, we will cut it down in sections.

If a tree cannot be felled, it must be cut down in sections in which case we will generally lower each section safely to the ground with rigging. This process is repeated until the entire tree has been removed.

Land Clearing

If your property is scheduled for construction, farming, or landscaping, and needs land clearing services, Tree Masters will clear the property of trees, stumps, and brush. 

Storm and Disaster Response

Tree Masters is available to deal with post-storm damage to trees on your property and guarantee that all hazards will be safely removed.

Stump Removal

Whenever a tree is removed the inevitable stump will remain. Stumps are often perceived as eyesores, but they can also wreak havoc on driveways, sidewalks, and foundations with their deep root system. 

Some customers require that stumps be cut down as close to the ground as possible, or to a particular height for eventual use as a planter or pedestal for potted plants. Tree Masters can also prune the root system if the homeowner wishes to keep the stump intact.

If this idea doesn’t appeal to the homeowner, experts at Tree Masters have the know-how and equipment to remove the stump in its entirety.

Tree removal cleanup

After tree removal or trimming, it can produce a large amount of debris. Tree Masters will either use a commercial wood chipper to reduce the debris into an eco-friendly mulch or haul it away.

Tree removal permits

In many jurisdictions in Florida, a permit is required for tree removal. However, in a recent amendment to the law, it was determined that a licensed arborist can be consulted to ascertain whether or not a tree should be removed. 

Tree Masters can send out one of our arborists to legitimately ascertain if a tree on a property is hazardous and no permit is required if indeed it needs to be removed. This law also applies to the pruning or trimming of trees.

If you are concerned about a tree on your property and need a consultant to determine a potential hazard, call Tree Masters and one of our certified arborists will advise you on the best course of action.

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