In Lake County Thursday, crews are busy cleaning up after a nasty night of storms. The Thursday evening storm took down several big trees near downtown Tavares. “Typical of what we get this time of year, you know heavy winds, these afternoon storms can produce these micro bursts and the tornadoes,” said Adrian Starkweather with...

The beautiful palm trees you see in your neighborhood could be gone soon, WFTV reports. A plant disease called Fusarium is spreading in central Florida and “there is no turning back,” horticultural experts tell WPTV. The disease affects specific species of trees called the Washingtonia palm and the queen palm and spreads easily through the...

In recent years as the number of citrus groves has declined, researchers have found success with alternative crops — such as grapes, blueberries, peaches and now olive trees — that do well in the sandy citrus soil. Read more here:

A gigantic beehive, swarming with thousands of bees, was removed from a tree at a family’s home in Orlando, Florida. The bees were relocated elsewhere and the hive was melted down, according to ABC News. A beekeeper said that as many as 80,000 bees were housed in the mammoth hive. Read more here:

A Florida resident was running at Robinson Preserve Park, in Bradenton, when they thought they saw a fallen tree branch. After a second look, the runner discovered the branch was actually a boa constrictor and notified park officials. The officials called Wildlife Inc., which sent two workers to capture the 100-pound red-tailed boa. The snake’s demeanor...

There was some wild weather during Friday’s thunderstorm that proved to be dangerous in some areas. In South Tampa along San Juan Street, a huge tree came crashing through an engaged couple’s home. The home David Kahn shares with his fiancée was a mess Friday afternoon. Read more here:

CRYSTAL RIVER — Volunteer Kathy Lemmer was telling a group of onlookers last month about Three Sisters Springs, explaining its hydrology and history with manatees, when one of the lumbering oafs emerged from the warm springs waters, lips flapping wide, and started munching on a tree. manatee Read more here:

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